Melis Genc

Personal Assistant to Isaac & Maria Genc

About Melis

Melis is an Executive Assistant to Isaac and Maria Genc at our Mermaid Office. Melis has worked as an Operations/Office Manager in Real Estate since 2020 and has consistently been mentored by Isaac and Maria since childhood.

With a profound insight into both styling and staging homes, her eye for design gives her clients a distinctive edge in ensuring their properties are presented impeccably for marketing materials. With an amicable and light-hearted nature, Melis revels within a team environment – ensuring a high level of creativity, while her ambitious demeanour allows her to operate seamlessly within a high-pressure environment.

With several years’ experience in managing team success, delegating tasks, and ensuring successful property outcomes, Melis’ contributions to the team are integral to Team Genc’s success within the Gold Coast real estate market.