Travis Brown

Licenced Sales Agent

About Travis

Travis Brown is in the business of changing lives. A consummate real estate professional, he’s been reimagining the fortunes of his clients for over 25 years through the power of property.

As someone who values respect above all else, Travis prides himself on being patient, truthful and direct, mixing this with his down-to-earth and approachable charm. And while he is skilled at planning, communication, strategising and marketing, what makes all the difference is being available to clients whenever needed. Whether to lend an empathetic ear or to problem solve, you can count on Travis to be in your corner. Unconsciously competent, he instinctively knows how to secure results.

For Travis, real estate isn’t so much a career as it is a lifestyle. He relishes the intricacies of this profession – from strategising marketing plans to sourcing ideal buyers and negotiating an epic transaction, he lives and breathes it all. No job is too big or too small to assist with when executing the sale and he’s here to carry the load so that clients don’t. Why? Because he wants this sales journey to be memorable for all the right reasons.

With a 100% auction clearance rate, this award-winning agent knows the value of hard work and tenacity. He’s seen the cycles; he understands the market patterns and he can predict what’s coming next. To work with an agent with exceptional experience, who is always on the front foot and who is a tireless advocate for ethics, you need Travis Brown.