McCalla Henry

Sales Associate to Emma Gregory

About McCalla

McCalla embarked on her journey in the real estate industry while pursuing her university education, completing a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and Public Relations. During this time, McCalla also gained valuable knowledge in property management and residential sales administration, allowing her to develop a deep understanding of the industry.

McCalla's amiable nature, dependability, and results-oriented approach have become her trademark. She consistently prioritizes the needs of her clients, taking immense pride in creating positive experiences and forging long-lasting, meaningful relationships with them. It is this unwavering commitment to exceptional client service that led McCalla to find her perfect fit with the prestigious Amir team.

Teaming up with Emma Gregory an exceptional and meticulous operator, McCalla saw an opportunity to contribute her skills, broaden her knowledge, and further enhance her experience in the real estate field. Recognizing the value of continuous growth, she eagerly embraced this chance to expand her professional horizons.

In her first year with Team Emma Gregory, McCalla played an integral role in the successful sale of over 20 properties. This remarkable achievement is a testament to her unwavering dedication to putting the client first and her ability to create positive and fulfilling experiences for them. McCalla firmly believes that strong client relationships form the foundation for long-term success in the real estate industry.

Fuelled by her passion for the field and an unwavering drive to excel, McCalla is eager to continue her professional growth at Amir Prestige and look forward to assisting you with your real estate journey.