Brenton And Ashleigh Hawes

Licensed Sales Agents

About Brenton

Fuelled by an unwavering passion for the real estate industry, Brenton and Ashleigh are wholeheartedly committed to forging strong client relationships while delivering unparalleled results. As a dynamic husband-and-wife duo, they encompass the complete package, leaving no stone unturned in their service.

Brenton has been in the property market for over three years and proclaims a track record of achieving record-breaking property sales in Kingscliff/Casuarina. With a profound understanding of the market, he's driven by an enthusiastic work ethic, exceptional negotiation skills, and an infectious sense of humour.

Ashleigh, with her lively personality, has joined forces with Brenton as his assistant agent, adding her unique talents to the team. Her strengths lie in her creativity on social media, impeccable customer service skills, and an unbridled passion for the property market. Her bubbly personality brings an extra layer of warmth and approachability to the partnership, making every client interaction a delightful experience.

As parents to their young daughter, they deeply value family principles and extend constant support to all their clients throughout their collaborative journey.

If you're considering selling or buying property in the Northern Rivers area, don't hesitate to reach out to Brenton and Ashleigh today.

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