2023 In Review

2023 In Review

The year 2023 shall be forever etched as a time of unprecedented triumph and unwavering excellence, even amid the formidable challenges presented by escalating interest rates and the rising tide of the cost of living. In this remarkable period, Amir Prestige has emerged as a shining exemplar of industry prowess, having not only weathered these challenges but having thrived magnificently, surpassing the remarkable milestone of facilitating property transactions in excess of one billion dollars.

Indeed, the records speak volumes of our resounding success in the realm of real estate. Throughout the course of this year, we have set astonishing sales records in a multitude of suburbs. In a truly historic feat, we achieved the monumental task of shattering the ‘Queensland Apartment Sales Record’ with a gargantuan sale price of $24,000,000; an accomplishment that stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to securing optimal results for our valued clients.

As a beacon of industry innovation, Amir Prestige have consistently nurtured the growth of our team, welcoming a cadre of new agents and sales associates, each of whom embodies our ethos of excellence. These additions to our ranks have endowed us with a wealth of expertise and talent.

Our signature Auction Events events, resplendent in grandeur and magnitude, have become legendary in their own right. Among them, our Winter and Spring Events, which have consistently showcased the crème de la crème of real estate offerings, stand as monuments to our commitment to excellence, with over $200 million worth of properties changing hands in a matter of hours. These events were made possible by the generous sponsorship of prestigious brands such as Aston Martin, Commonwealth Bank, Domain, and Realestate.com, who joined hands with us to craft an unforgettable real estate spectacle.

Our dedication to marketing brilliance has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. We embarked on a journey to dominate the real-estate marketing landscape, launching a comprehensive campaign that saw us take over Pacific Fair, and grace the screens of Channel 7 during prime-time slots. Our significant investment in targeted social media marketing has further solidified our online presence. 

Our cinematic opus, showcased at Event Cinemas Pacific Fair, captivated audiences, while partnerships with local radio stations ensured our message resonated far and wide. In addition, our substantial investments in renowned publications such as the Bulletin, Courier Mail, Herald Sun, and various international news outlets have underscored our commitment to disseminating our message to a global audience. Our advertisements, quite literally, adorned buses and bus stops throughout the Gold Coast, affirming our commitment to pervasive visibility. Our platinum sponsorship of the highly successful Gold Coast Show further underscored our dedication to community engagement, as did our Staff Christmas Event and Awards Ceremony in Byron Bay, which celebrated the dedication and excellence of our esteemed staff.

In a demonstration of our unwavering commitment to social responsibility, we have contributed immensely to charitable endeavours, including an illustrious event hosted at the Gold Coast Turf Club. Furthermore, we proudly held the mantle of Platinum Sponsors of the Australian Fashion Federation’s Model Search & Runway Show at the Imperial Hotel, formerly Versace, where our involvement served as a testament to our commitment to contributing to the cultural tapestry of the community.

Our commitment to community welfare extends to our current massive Christmas appeal in partnership with the Salvation Army, wherein we are actively engaged in making a meaningful impact on the lives of those less fortunate.

As Amir Prestige continues to lead the way in the industry, we have assembled a formidable team of over 50 dedicated agents, complemented by a full-fledged in-house marketing team, and a proficient administrative division. This formidable structure has endowed us with the capability to consistently connect buyers with their dream homes, thereby forging lasting connections between individuals and the properties of their desires.

As we embark on the balmy shores of summer, we anticipate a veritable surge in demand from both local and interstate buyers — with waterfront and beachfront prestige properties taking center stage. It is the perfect moment to list your property for sale or embark on the journey of acquiring a new home. The overwhelming number of property appraisals conducted by our team this year underscores the robust interest in the market, while record attendances at our open homes and auctions attest to the vibrancy of the real estate landscape.

Amir Mian, a luminary in his own right, has ascended to the zenith of Queensland’s real estate landscape, having been rightfully anointed as Queensland’s top agent by realestate.com. His remarkable achievement, characterised by an average sale price of $8.6 million, reflects his dedication to delivering extraordinary results. Amir Mian’s illustrious track record includes the remarkable sale of the Most Expensive Apartment in Queensland, situated at ‘The Beach House’ at Glasshouse on Goodwin Terrace with a $24,000,000 sale price. This is accompanied by the most expensive sale of the 2022/2023 Gold Coast Financial Year, represented by the sale of ’91 Commodore Drive in Paradise Waters’ alongside Alex & Victoria Fleri.

In parallel, our property listings have become a testament to the diversity and opulence that the Queensland real estate landscape has to offer. From idyllic suburban family homes to opulent waterfront mansions and luxurious beachfront residences, Amir Prestige has curated an eclectic portfolio that caters to the discerning tastes of a diverse clientele.

As our dynamic team continues to expand its horizons, we are enriched by a diverse array of professionals who have left an indelible mark in their respective niches. Matthew Shepherd, our seasoned Sales Manager, brings over three decades of experience to the table, heralding a new era of structure and growth strategy for our esteemed company.

Patrick Pancur, newly appointed as our Projects Director, boasts an impressive track record, boasting over 25 years of experience as a project manager, and a staggering $230 million in sales for the 2022-2023 fiscal year alone. His expertise promises a future defined by innovation and growth.

As we gaze forward into the horizon, we are delighted to announce our January Grand Summer Auction Event — a veritable treasure trove of opportunities for both buyers and sellers. Envision a room teeming with over 100 qualified buyers, with 40 magnificent properties poised to go under the hammer. This competitive environment is where premium prices are forged for sellers and value is acquired for buyers. The grand spectacle is scheduled for Wednesday, the 24th of January, at the opulent Langham Hotel, commencing at 11a.m.

Whether your real estate aspirations involve buying, selling, investing, or leasing, we extend a warm invitation to you to connect with us today. Our team is primed and ready to engage in a personalized and enlightening discussion, tailored to help you realise your real estate ambitions. 

As Amir Prestige continues to pioneer the industry, setting new benchmarks and raising the bar, we eagerly anticipate serving you, and assisting you in transforming your real estate dreams into reality — not only in 2024, but also in the exciting chapters that lie beyond.